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Give US the opportunity to explain our PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM

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The following is an example of the procedural check list for our Preventative Maintenance Program.

■ Change all air filters
■ Inspect & change all V-belts as needed
■ Lubricate motors as needed
■ Check refrigerant charge
■ Check compressors and oil levels which are accessible
■ Clean condensers by blowing out with air
■ Check operating and safety controls
■ Check & clean electric components on systems
■ Clean burner racks on heating equipment
■ Inspect heat exchangers
■ Lubricate all pumps and inspect operation of pumps
■ Clean & inspect all exhaust equipment
■ Clean and sanitize condensate drain system

So when it is time to replace a rooftop HVAC unit or consider your options for preventative maintenance or service work, give us the opportunity to serve you.

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